Grilled Vegetable Quesadillas

Grilled Spiralized Vegetable Quesadillas

My mother-in-law once told me that, in the summer, all New Englanders lock their cars. They are not doing this out of fear of theft but because they know it is likely that someone who has too many zucchinis from their garden will put them in random cars when no one is looking. The vision of that has always cracked me up. Whether you are drowning in zucchini or are picking up your veggies at the local farmer's market, I have teamed up with Williams-Sonoma to share the perfect easy summer recipe with you - grilled spiraled vegetable quesadillas. (Disclosure,...

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Lessons Learned in Styling a Bookcase

When we built this house, I always told my husband that the full wall in the living room should be built-ins. I had dreams of a place for all of my books and putting together displays. And then, just over three years ago - my dream came true. We have beautiful built-in bookcase that I so love and appreciate. (I know, very dramatic ;) But, the truth is, I found it really hard to pull them together. This is actually my third try. But this time, I put more thought into it and I am quite happy with the results....

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Sweet & Savory Maple Syrup Recipes

5 Savory and Sweet Maple Syrup Recipes

Do you ever go through spurts with cooking? I tend to do a lot of easy / quick stuff for a period of time, and then I go through a big spurt of cooking up a storm. And what that happens, I like to experiment and try new recipes - especially when they have my favorite ingredient. Maple syrup recipes are where I always like to experiment the most. And this weekend, fingers crossed - we will have our first big boil for syrup. Did you know we make our own maple syrup? So over the next few weeks I...

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Progress on Our Sugar House and Meet Me in Atlanta

So many moons ago we started looking for land to maybe move our business to. We wanted it to be close to home. We of course, wanted it to have maple trees. Most of all, we wanted it to be special.  I shared with you back in March that we finally found the perfect place to grow our dreams and bought a parcel of land very close to our home. Since then, I have only shared one update that basically said I will let you know more soon. So here is the part where I share a little bit more....

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Comfort & Joy 2016 Holiday Collection

It's official. The Hallmark movies are on. The music is playing. We are ready to embrace the holiday season around here. We have worked really hard to bring you a holiday collection that we hope you are going to love and we have made sure that everything we are sharing with you has been sourced and made in the USA. There is a beautiful galvanized village with a church, barn, house, a large tree and a small tree. And many different galvanized ornaments. Don't tell the others, but the vintage truck is one of my favorites. No wait, I really...

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Free Shipping Holiday Promotion

Enjoy friends! P.S. - We have taken the holiday weekend off to spend it with family. All orders placed will begin shipping next week. Thank you for understanding!

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