Christmas Decorating

Christmas Decorating Has Begun! – 8 Ideas

I am full on thinking about Christmas decorating.

But first, lets step back for a minute.

Thanksgiving was so nice.

We hosted for the first time and had our family in for a relaxing and fun day.

Did anyone else have their turkey two hours earlier than you calculated for?

A friend of mine claims that she has a magic roasting pan that cooks her turkey really fast.  We decided I must also have a magic pan as well.

But not to worry, all was well and it just made room in the oven earlier for all of the sides.

I love Thanksgiving dinner and all the traditional side dishes, but man, that makes for a lot of dishes.

This morning we made Advent wreaths at church and cut down our tree.

Our Elf on the Shelf is up to no good and the first day of the Advent calendar was opened.

As the traditions hold, we are moving right into Christmas bliss.

And starting Monday morning, a whole group of bloggers are sharing how they have decorated their homes for Christmas this year.

It all starts at Jennifer Rizzo’ blog.

Each day, she will be sharing the day’s homes – so make sure to stop by.  It is sure to be a tour of amazing and creative homes.

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Gilded And Filled Lamp

Gilded And Filled Lamp

What? Again with a Christmas post in August?

I know.

But this time it was a contest that I just couldn’t pass up.

Lamps Plus and Hometalk asked some bloggers to take this lamp

and create a project that is themed for the December holidays.

My first thought was painting all of the silver parts gold. 

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