Rosemary Mint Soy Candles

Happy Saturday friends! Today is a fun day for us because we will be in Brooklyn showing at the Good Food Mercantile at the Brooklyn Expo Center. Follow along on Instagram stories for updates as I can fit them in! And then, on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, we will be at the Javitz Center for the Fancy Food Show. Here is a list of things around the web that caught my eye this week.... This project is amazing and I wish it was in my yard. And speaking of The Handmade Home, this post gave me all the feels. If it wasn't so expensive, I would so buy this dress. These shoes are also expensive but experience has shown me they are worth it. Plus, I have terrible feet and work to find cute shoes that support them and then I wear them until the die. What do you think? Should I get them? Since I never met a toolbox I didn't like, I am in love with this project. I love this project because it is easy but looks complicated and fancy! This story is so beautiful, touching and reaffirming that sometimes famous people are just what they seem to be. This is one of my favorite printables I have done and it still sits on my windowsill in the kitchen. I love seeing how I decorated our home in the same season each year. Here is our summer home last year and the year before. Although this spring was so cool and SO MUCH RAIN - it seems my hydrangea love it and are already busting out some blooms. I am hoping to fill my table with them all summer and into the fall. And one last thing - the perfect summer candle. SaveSave]>>
June 24, 2017 — Laura Putnam