Joss & Main Sale is Live!

Joss & Main Sale is Live!

I know.

I said we were going shopping together last night.

And then I didn’t show up.

I am so sorry.   Turns out the server went down most of the day yesterday at Joss & Main and they had to push it back to tonight. The good news – we weren’t working in the IT department yesterday when the server went down.

But – now for real, it is time to shop.

And I thought I would share some of my favorites from the sale.

So stop by, register and have some fun shopping!

Happy shopping! Here is the link one more time….


Take care,


Let’s Go Shopping Together

Let’s Go Shopping Together

Don’t you wish we could just all go shopping together?  I could tell you what I thought would look great in your home and you could tell me what you think was the perfect thing to change things up at my house?  Sometimes, shopping alone is hard.  You are not really sure if you like something or not – you need input.

Since I really can’t go shopping with all of you – I thought we would do the next best thing.

Joss & Main is offering some of my favorite things, inspired from my home in a new sale launching tomorrow night.

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Joss & Main Sale is Live – Come on by!

Joss & Main Sale is Live – Come on by!

The Finding Home Joss & Main sale has just gone live.  If you would like to stop by, you can use this link to quickly become a member.

And, if you are wondering what type of items there are for sale – well, basically it is items inspired from our home design.  And, I am including several one-of-a-kind vintage items from my personal collection - including that sweet mini tractor.

  Here is a sampling of some items...

And there are also items inspired from our screened porch…

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Thank You and A Joss & Main Sale!

Thank You and A Joss & Main Sale!

So, I could not start today’s post without a thank you.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and kindness.

Thank you for allowing my husband to see what a kind and generous community this is.

I am  so thankful that so many of your shared your stories, here and on Facebook. It was so nice to see such a personal side of each of you.  I will be taking time this weekend with a cup of coffee to go through and respond to them all.

So while we figure out what Hubby’s new dream will be, I will remind you that my dream has always been to have my own little shop some day.  I used to sketch out my shop on paper when I was about 12.  It was going to be in an old abandoned building in Westwood, NJ that was shaped like the Flatiron building.

And I was going to sell scrunchies.

Probably not the best business plan ever – but hey, I was 12 and it was the 80’s.

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