Wicker Chandelier

Wicker Chandelier

Did you ever do a project that you really just love?

Did you ever love it so much, that you thought maybe you should share it again?

Maybe you are new around here and you never saw our wicker chandelier on our porch.

What I love the best about this project is that anyone can do it and the materials can so easily be found.

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Dreaming of a Country Cottage

Someday, I would love to live in a sweet little cottage.  Or maybe a farmhouse.

There would have to be a creek running through the property so that I could hear it babble while I swing on the porch.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my home now.  Our home now is newer, but it is in a great neighborhood for our family.

But when we are ready to leave here, I want a place where the floor creaks from years of wear and tear and is filled with lots of character.

While I am dreaming of this cottage, or farmhouse, I decorate it in my mind.  And what defines a home more than the lighting?  So I thought I would share some ideas of the cottage that lives in my mind, for now.

To begin, I think it needs to be a little fun and quirky, so there would be two of these amazing lanterns over my dining room table.

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