Wicker Chandelier

Wicker Chandelier

Did you ever do a project that you really just love?

Did you ever love it so much, that you thought maybe you should share it again?

Maybe you are new around here and you never saw our wicker chandelier on our porch.

What I love the best about this project is that anyone can do it and the materials can so easily be found.

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Printer's Box Word Art

The story of a gallery wall & a brooklyn bank

Printer's Box Word Art

So, if you have read this blog for any length of time, you already know that I love a good story.

A story about a person, how they got to be where they are.  The story of their journey.

Heck, that is what I am trying to do here – share the story of our journey.

But, I must admit, I also love the story behind an item.

Where did it come from?  Who made it?  How did you find it?

Just this weekend I saw this amazing sign in a vendor’s booth.  I asked her what the story was.

She didn’t know.

I lost interest.

She should probably make up a really good one.

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