Thank You and A Joss & Main Sale!

Thank You and A Joss & Main Sale!

So, I could not start today’s post without a thank you.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and kindness.

Thank you for allowing my husband to see what a kind and generous community this is.

I am  so thankful that so many of your shared your stories, here and on Facebook. It was so nice to see such a personal side of each of you.  I will be taking time this weekend with a cup of coffee to go through and respond to them all.

So while we figure out what Hubby’s new dream will be, I will remind you that my dream has always been to have my own little shop some day.  I used to sketch out my shop on paper when I was about 12.  It was going to be in an old abandoned building in Westwood, NJ that was shaped like the Flatiron building.

And I was going to sell scrunchies.

Probably not the best business plan ever – but hey, I was 12 and it was the 80’s.

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