Finding Home Farms Artisanal Pantry Offerings

In an age where mass-produced items dominate the shelves, there's an alluring charm to artisanal goods. The attention to detail, the personal touch, and the unique recipes are just a few elements that set our products apart. Our delicious mixes, jams, and mustards are no exception. 

First, the quality of the ingredients is paramount. Our popular Maple Fig Jam combines our own organic maple syrup and figs of the highest grade ensuring that each batch of jam is consistently of the finest quality. Small-batch production allows for meticulous crafting, ensuring a texture and taste that's far superior to its commercially mass-produced counterparts.

For those uninitiated, maple fig jam is a luscious interplay of flavors. It combines the buttery smoothness of figs with the distinctive sweetness of Finding Home Farms maple syrup, leading to a taste profile that's both familiar and excitingly different at the same time. Such a jam is not just a breakfast staple; it's a versatile companion to a variety of culinary adventures.

Our other exciting pantry staples include: 

  • Whole Bean Coffee - a perfect complement to our breakfast offerings. 
  • Organic Maple Syrup & Buttermilk Pancake/Waffle Mix Set
  • Waffle & Pancake Mixes in Original Buttermilk, Pumpkin Spice, and Apple Cinnamon flavors. 
  • An assortment of jams including Blackberry, Maple Fig, Raspberry. Available individually or as a trio set. 
  • Maple Horseradish and Sweet Maple Mustards combine sweet and savory. 
  • Beautifully packaged “Breakfast at Home” Gift Box Set which includes all of our most popular pantry items. 

Finding Home Farms' pantry products encapsulate your favorite quintessential homemade flavors with artisanal precision. Crafted in small batches, each item is a celebration of quality and care, fostering a deep connection between producer and consumer. 

Each purchase not only brings a new flavor into your home but supports the ethos of sustainable, small-batch farming. It's a partnership between producer and consumer that fosters community and a shared love for fine foods. As we journey through the seasons, let's take a moment to appreciate the simple pleasures like eating quality food together. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to indulge, to create, and to savor delicious meals with your loved ones.