It has been quite some time, but I was feeling inspired to drop in (for the third time this week!) and share what I have been enjoying on the web lately. My friend Kari just updated her site and it looks so fantastic. Go check it out! I just bought the Richard Scarry books for a birthday present, so this really cracked me up. If you happen to be like me and gray roots are an issue - this is for you. It is magical. Speaking of hair, I think this could be my go to style this summer. This would be delicious with our maple mustards. Love this outdoor space. If you want to be the cutest at your next potluck and can sew - which I do not - these are adorable. It is always the simplest ideas that are the best. I have not tried this recipe, but they really do look like they are "the best". Wishing you a weekend filled with grace! Laura SaveSave SaveSave]>>
June 17, 2017 — Laura Putnam