Grilled Spiralized Vegetable Quesadillas

Grilled Spiralized Vegetable Quesadillas

My mother-in-law once told me that, in the summer, all New Englanders lock their cars. They are not doing this out of fear of theft but because they know it...


Happy Saturday to you all! It is official, Thanksgiving is over and we are in full on Christmas mode. We are covered in a beautiful winter wonderland here and frankly,...
Easy White Sangria Recipe- Stone Soup Style

Easy White Sangria Recipe- Stone Soup Style

Do you know the folk story of “Stone Soup”.

I think the version I remember best was told with animals.  Raccoons, squirrels, rabbits and deer all come together to create a yummy soup.  The raccoon started with a pot of boiling water, and stones.  He kept saying how yummy it was going to be and everyone came along and wanted some.

He said they could have some if they added something to it.

Within in no time, the pot was filled with vegetables galore and it was the perfect pot of soup to be shared with everyone.

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DIY Projects and Recipes - Monday Funday!

Hello Friends - I hope this post finds you at the close of an amazing weekend. We had a whole host of fun adventures this weekend - but more on...
Baking with Kids

Baking with Kids - The Sisterhood of the Traveling Apron

The other day, I took some time out – put everything else aside – to do some baking with my kids. And as much as I would like to take...

Easy Turquoise & Pink Fun Dip Cupcakes

This weekend, my daughter and I had some fun in the kitchen and made turquoise and pink colored cupcakes with Fun Dip. I guess there is something about Valentine’s Day...