Bringing the Beach Home with Outshine Fruit Pops

Bringing the Beach Home with Outshine Fruit Pops

I have a secret to tell you. I really don’t like desserts.

I know, shocking.

Don’t let me mislead you, I have plenty of bad eating habits on the salty side of things, but I usually pass over the dessert tables.

I just find them too rich and sweet.

But ice pops, they are my weakness.

Outshine Fruit Pops

At the beach where we go for vacation, every hour or so, the ice cream man (or lady) treks up onto the beach, block by block, and rings their bell. And the kids go running.

We never head to the beach without sunscreen or cash in our pockets.

My kids come running out of the water, grab the strategically placed money and head for the truck. They never stop to ask to ask Mom what she wants.

They already know.

Mom wants whatever type of fruity ice pop they have.

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