Silhouette Gallery Wall

Silhouette Gallery Wall

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For as long as I can remember, I have loved silhouettes.

One of my best friends has her kids silhouettes, professionally and artistically cut on her wall and they are gorgeous.  I knew I wasn’t going to pull of the level of what she had – and I also wanted something a little more modern, so I created a Silhouette Gallery Wall.

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Printer's Box Word Art

The story of a gallery wall & a brooklyn bank

Printer's Box Word Art

So, if you have read this blog for any length of time, you already know that I love a good story.

A story about a person, how they got to be where they are.  The story of their journey.

Heck, that is what I am trying to do here – share the story of our journey.

But, I must admit, I also love the story behind an item.

Where did it come from?  Who made it?  How did you find it?

Just this weekend I saw this amazing sign in a vendor’s booth.  I asked her what the story was.

She didn’t know.

I lost interest.

She should probably make up a really good one.

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Decorating Ideas: Collected Vintage Gallery Wall

Decorating Ideas: Collected Vintage Gallery Wall

Last week, I said I was ready to make some changes, to be a little more bold in my home. And I started with a gallery wall made up some...