This post is sponsored by Command Brand, however, all opinions and ideas are my own.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved silhouettes. One of my best friends has her kids silhouettes, professionally and artistically cut on her wall and they are gorgeous. I knew I wasn’t going to pull of the level of what she had – and I also wanted something a little more modern, so I created a Silhouette Gallery Wall. And it perfectly pulls together all of the black and white I have added on my table and on my mantel.

I used a mixture of pictures and quotes to break it up a little bit. Gallery-Wall-Ideas Have you seen these new flat canvases sold at the craft stores now? I absolutely love them and they are what I used for this project – in a mixture of different sizes. Here is what you need to do this project: - Flat canvases in multiple sizes (note, the back of the canvases must be a non-fabric material – or it won’t work with the Command Brand picture hanging strips that I used) - Craft Paint – I did a light coat of a soft blue and green. I chose to paint the white and not just leave it blank. - Painted brushes – I used foam brushes - Decide what pictures and quotes you would like and print them out in the desired sizes. - Pencil - Black Paint Pen - Hot glue gun and glue sticks - Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips – I used two per canvas (Please follow all package instructions, especially for surface cleaning and weight abilities) - Level - Scotch Blue Painters Tape Steps: - Layout your canvases and decide your pattern and colors. I used different sizes. For some of them, I layered two canvases and some I layered three. I tried to not be too symmetrical. I then attached the canvases to each other using a hot glue gun. 1 - Step One - Paint Your Flat Canvases - Print out your images in the right size for your canvas. 2 - Step Two - Select Your Picture and cut it to size - Turn the image face down and shade the entire back of the image with a pencil. 3 - Step Three - Color the back of the picture with pencil - Turn the image back over and tape it in place, with Scotch Blue Painters tape, to your canvas. Trace the full outline with your pencil. This will leave a lead impression of your image on your canvas. 4 - Step Four - Trace the outline of you image or text - Remove the image from the canvas and fill it in the entire image with your black paint pen. 5 - Step Five - Fill in the outline with marker - Repeat the same process for each image – using the same process for the words as you do the pictures. - To hang the layered canvases, prep the area by cleaning the surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, wipe gently and let it dry. Separate each strip and form a set by connecting two together until your hear a click. 6-Step Six - Use Command Picture Hanging Strips - Remove one green liner and position each set of strips on the back of the canvas, pressing it firmly. - Remove the remaining green liners from the strips and position them on the wall. Press the front of the canvas to the wall for 30 seconds. I used a level to space them all out straight and evenly. 7 - Step Six - Attach Command Picture Strips - Remove the canvas by grabbing at the bottom corners and pulling up and out towards you. Press the strips that remained on the wall for another 30 seconds and then wait one hour before reattaching the canvases. - After the hour has passed, reattach the strips to each other and hang your canvas. Hanging-Sharpie-Art And one of the other parts I love about using the Command Brand Picture Hanging Strips is that I tend to change my mind frequently with wall decor. Hanging them this way allows me to leave them up as long as I like and then remove them when I change my mind - without damaging the wall or leaving any holes. Quote-and-Sillhouette-Gallery-Wall I love the fun mix of image - from profiles of my older daughter and our sweet pup - to the full body shots of our family or our younger daughter - to the quotes. It fills the area perfectly and brings a fresh update to the room. SharpieArtGalleryWall_thumb.jpg And I didn't have to be a talented silhouette artists - I just needed to know how to trace! Wishing you a great day and thanks so much for reading. postsignature.pngThis post is part of my partnership with Command Brand and it is sponsored, however all ideas and opinions are my own.