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Last week, I said I was ready to make some changes, to be a little more bold in my home.

And I started with a gallery wall made up some of my favorite collected vintage treasures.

Here is where I started – nice but safe.

Why just one picture on that wall when I had so many things I loved in storage?

Finding Home Kitchen 2

I don’t know what was holding me back – but I decided to make a change and fill this space – one of the highest traffic spots of our home – with things that we love.

Kitchen Decorating Gallery Wall

And my favorite part, the shelf, which is actually a vintage tray, can be changed out at any time. Both inside the shelf and on top of it.

Vintage Collected Gallery Wall

I just found these boot molds last week and I could not walk away from them. They make me smile when I walk past them.

Vintage Boot Mold and Hem Ruler

I love the picture that was there – and it has found a great new spot – but this new arrangement fills the space so much better.

Gallery wall in kitchen

This picture used to hang in my Grandfather’s office, and the “Open” sign was a very meaningful gift from a treasured friend.

Gallery Wall Vintage Sign

There is a spot for magazines and decorative treasures.

Kitchen Console Table

A drop spot for all that ends in pockets and one of my all time favorite pictures.

And who doesn’t need a couple of lonely vintage Noah’s Arc animals?

Vintage Vignette

And I finally have found a place to appropriately display our beautiful family photos.

Gallery Wall Vignette Kitchen Decorating

And this is just the first step. Another grouping has already been completed and two more are in the works.

If you would like some ideas on how to plan a gallery wall, please visit here. If you would like some tips on how to hang all that crazy stuff, please visit here.

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