12 Days of Christmas Signs

12 Days of Christmas Signs (and a discount code!)


12 Days of Christmas Signs

I know I said I am still hanging on to summer and really I am.

But here I am with a Christmas post about the 12 days of Christmas signs.

What is wrong with me?

But did you see the sign?

Did you see how beautiful and custom it is?  How the strokes resemble a beautiful chalkboard and a stunning painting all in one?

12 Days of Christmas Signs

And the font.

Did you see how beautiful the words are written? I am a lover of words.  Of  surrounding myself and my family with a reminder of what is important.  And at Christmas time, what could be more important than this reminder.

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The Star Spangled Banner

The Star Spangled Banner

Over the last few weeks and months I have spent a lot of time on ball fields.  As is tradition, each game begins with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Now that Sunshine’s team has moved up to the “Big Leagues”, each game now starts with The Star Spangled Banner played over the loud speaker.

The Star Spangled Banner

On Sunday night, we all stood with our hats off and hands over our hearts, waiting for the song to begin.

And waiting.

And it didn’t start.

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Decorating Ideas: Memorial Day

Decorating Ideas: Memorial Day

Sometimes decorating for a holiday can be color confusing.

At Halloween, are you going to go classic black and orange?

At Christmas, blue and white, or green and red, or all white?

But for Memorial Day, decorating ideas are pretty straight forward.

Red. White. Blue.

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