Aging and infusing are traditional techniques that have been used for centuries to enhance flavor, aroma, and overall quality of foods and drinks. At Finding Home Farms, we have embraced these traditional practices by creating a line of aged and infused maple syrups which helps them to develop a deeper, more complex, and more delicious flavor profile.

The aging process involves storing our Award Winning Rye Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup in a rye whiskey barrel for an extended period of time, allowing it to develop new flavors and characteristics from the walls of the barrels. This unique maple syrup can be used in a variety of recipes: cocktails, desserts and entrees, everything from savory to sweet. The sky's the limit on where you can use this maple syrup, let your taste buds guide you. 

Infusing, on the other hand, involves adding additional ingredients to a base product to impart new flavors.  Our tempting line of infused maple syrups includes: 

Pumpkin Spice - Sweet comfort in syrup form. Pour over your pancakes and waffles to transport yourself to a fireside on a crisp autumn morning in the Catskills. 

Coffee - Add a little zing to your evening with our Coffee-Infused Maple Syrup drizzled over your ice cream for dessert. 

Cinnamon - A perennial favorite, this Cinnamon Infused Maple Syrup will take your winter cocktails to the next level. We love it on breakfast waffles too. 

Hot & Spicy - For the adventurous spirits, try our Hot & Spicy Maple Syrup. It is as delicious over pork as it is with sweet drinks and desserts. Mix into your coffee for something extra luxurious on a weekend morning. 

At Finding Home Farms, we have taken the traditional practice of aging and infusing to create a line of unique products that are guaranteed to delight your senses. When it comes to our aged and infused maple syrups, each product is carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients and time-honored techniques.

Aging and infusing is not only a time-honored tradition but also a way to elevate the quality and experience of our pure organic maple syrup. At Finding Home Farms, we have embraced this practice and created a line of aged infused products that are perfect for foodies or anyone looking to add a touch of farmhouse flavor to their beverages and meals. We invite you to explore our collection and discover the unique flavors and scents of our aged infused products.  So why wait? Try them today and experience the difference yourself!  Shop our Aged Infused Maple Syrups now!