I finally made it to the living room “zone” last night and was pleased to be able to put together our Nativity.
basement and nativity 005
It is our tradition that when we return from Mass on Christmas Eve, our children put the baby Jesus in the Nativity. In the meantime, Mary and Joseph wait. Just like us. It is so easy to get caught up in all that is to be done for the Holidays. I am really trying to not loose sight of taking the moments to focus on what it is all really about.
basement and nativity 006
The table I placed it on is actually from Home Goods. It is normally next to the sofa, but I moved it here for this purpose. It fits so well, I will probably leave it here. The mirror was in the garage from one of the auction box lots. I wanted to able to reflect everything back into the room.
basement and nativity 001
Under the table, I filled an old metal factory bin with some Christmas floral picks and ornaments.
basement and nativity 019
This room is probably my favorite in the whole house. We have always put our tree in here, but now with the new bookcases, there is no room. I have neglected it lately and haven’t spent any time in there. Putting it together last night was actually frustrating as I was rather crabby and tired. But now, seeing it all together, with just a few dashes of Christmas, I am really looking forward to spending time here.
basement and nativity 010
The next day after I finished this, I sat in the living room for a minute and this is what saw…
christmas around the house 120
I am not sure if it was just the chandelier or if it was the light bouncing off the mirror as well, but it was just beautiful.
christmas around the house 084
Have a great day!
I will be sharing at some of the parties on my sidebar
December 10, 2010 — Anil Sharma