Upholstering Chairs with Oilcloth & a Giveaway!

Upholstering Chairs with Oilcloth & a Giveaway!

Have you ever added a new color or detail to your home and then feel like you can’t have enough of it?

It started with the rug in our office and then my addiction to Sharpie Art kept bringing in more (warning- more is coming!).

Black and white – and now I am sharing about upholstering chairs with oilcloth – black and white oilcloth to be specific.  Actually, black and white oilcloth in the yummiest picnic check I ever did see.

And the added bonus?  When I spill my kids spill – it an easy peasy clean up.  If you are not familiar with oilcloth, it has a coating that is almost like a plastic so it acts like thick  fabric, but it is real easy to clean up.

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