Beach Decor

Beach Decor – Reclaimed Wood Whale Art

I realize it is very late in the season for a summer mantel.

But this is really not about a mantel.

It is about several stories coming together and resulting in a reclaimed wood whale.

And this whale is special.  She even has a name.

Glenda the Happy Whale.

And while she is very happy living on my mantel for now, this is her temporary home.  She is really destined to live on Long Beach Island, NJ.

Last year during Hurricane Sandy, my parents small beach placed took on so much damage that it had to be gutted.  And while they did get some insurance coverage, the rebuild has far exceeded what they received.  So, I am trying to help out by creating budget friendly items – and Glenda is the first one.

And, because as always, I am a sentimental girl, I used the wood from my Grandfather’s house to build her.

Two destroyed homes coming together to make a happy whale.  I know a stretch.  But like I said, I am a sentimental girl.

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Summer Home Tour!

Summer Home Tour!

Although the calendar does not yet officially say so, I say - it's summer! And what better way to start things off then with a summer home tour - hosted...
Beach House Decorating

Beach House Decorating & Letting Go

(source: Whale, Desk and cabinet – Joss & Main, Coffee Table – Wisteria, no longer available) This past weekend, we struggled with deciding to stay home. Or go to the...
Summer Table Decorating Ideas

Summer Table Decorating Ideas

Last week I showed you that I recovered my kitchen chairs in the yummiest of black and white picnic check oilcloth.   Well, it lead to some summer table decorating ideas as well.

I am loving bringing in black and white touches in my home recently – there is something about the classic nature of black mixed with the more modern crispness of the white that makes me giddy.


I added some laminated cotton – just cut and placed – in a black and white polka dot and the striped place mats are from Ikea.  I love that they are square instead of a rectangle.

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Upcycled Vintage Door Beverage Bar Station

Upcycled Vintage Door Beverage Bar Station



Today, I am sharing an upcycled vintage door beverage bar.

So the summer weather is winding down in our area here.  The windows are open and the air is letting us know it is coming to an end.

But that doesn't mean I am ready to go inside yet.  I am hoping to still use our porch into the fall, just start to wrap ourselves in quilts and blankets.  For the past two years since we have had our porch, we were hit with a hurricane at the end of the summer season.  We had to quickly "batten down the hatches" and get ready for the storm.  We closed up early and didn't open again till spring.

This year, I am really hoping to be able to use the space well into the fall, have friends over, share meals.  And what better way to to do that then with a fun beverage station.

Technically, this could also be considered a potting station, but I am just being honest here, for us, it is a beverage bar.  It is perfect for our screened porch.  Every time we had people over, I was bringing a folding card table out here for drinks.  Not only did it not look cute, but it was always an awkward height to serve from.

Now, we have the perfect space to serve drinks for the whole crowd.

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Easy Beach Terrarium

Easy Beach Terrarium

 Okay, I can no longer deny it.

Summer is slipping away.

And that is okay because there are so many blessings that come with Fall.

Today, I am going to share a simple project with you- a beach terrarium - a pretty way to share you vacation memories so you can hold onto a little bit of summer.

Simply find your favorite jar, with or without a cover, fill with sand found at a craft store (or your favorite destination) and begin layering in your treasures.

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Spray Paint Furniture to Add Color

Spray Paint Furniture to Add Color

I know everyone says the same thing every year.  But this year, for me, it is more true than it has ever been.

Maybe it is because we have had so many changes this summer.

Maybe it is because softball kept us so busy for the first few months.

Maybe it is because of all of the rain we have had.

But this summer has flown by way too fast.

I have worn a bathing suit once.  We have a beautiful pool and I have been in it once.

We have spent so little time on our comfy porch.

I guess this is just one of those years, work to be done, projects to be completed, places to go.

And that is okay, each year is different and a blessing.

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Decorating Ideas: Summer Tablescape

Decorating Ideas: Summer Tablescape


  I have a secret to confess.

I am not the best hostess in the world.

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Summer Mantel

Summer for us, as is for many people, is about the beach. Our destination is always Long Beach Island, NJ. Not to be confused with the “Jersey Shore”, it is...