DIY Painted Ticking Stripe Table

DIY Painted Ticking Stripe Table

Truth be told, I am a bit of a furniture hoarder. When I walk past a beautiful piece that just needs love, I can't help myself. As a result, my...
DIY Console Table

Quick and Easy DIY Console Table

Yesterday, I went shopping for a table.  I am not sure what I was thinking.  What was the likelihood of me finding a table about 34'” tall, 22” wide and only about 8” deep?  Oh, and in a rustic wood finish too.

So, instead, I decided (okay, hubby did most of this one) to build a DIY console table that was “just right”.

You see, I was working on another project, and I just felt like I needed a little something in this small space.  This is the cabinet that houses our refrigerator, but as you can see, the door to the deck is right there as well.  And my sweet hubby offered to make me one.

And for that, I was very happy.

The good part about the door being right there is that it makes for the perfect amount of light for some plants – which I hopefully do not kill.

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