Top DIY Projects of 2013 - It was a Good Year

Top DIY Projects of 2013 - It was a Good Year

Happy 2014 my friends – it feels good to be back.

I feel renewed and ready to face a new year.

How about you?

I thought I would start off 2014 with a look back on last year and our top DIY projects of 2013.

It was a such a great year and one of the things I love the most is what I have learned and the relationships and friendships I have formed.  I was lucky enough to work with some amazing brands and companies and I am blessed to call many fellow bloggers friends.

I have always said that as a blogger Sudoku is not necessary – you know to keep challenging your mind.  Blogging takes care of that all by itself.

I thought I would share a mixture today of some of your favorite posts – and one or two of mine.

This post cracks me up.  It is by far the most popular post I have ever written – by a lot.  I wrote it about 2 months into blogging and it is terribly written, the photos are small and bad – but I guess the idea works.  It is a lesson to me – yes, pretty pictures matter, well written posts matter – but in the end, readers just want good ideas.

Born of a real need not to use all of my friend’s vintage ornaments, I came up with a way to make new ornaments look vintage.

Top DIY Projects of 2013 - It was a Good Year

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