Beach Decor

Beach Decor – Reclaimed Wood Whale Art

I realize it is very late in the season for a summer mantel.

But this is really not about a mantel.

It is about several stories coming together and resulting in a reclaimed wood whale.

And this whale is special.  She even has a name.

Glenda the Happy Whale.

And while she is very happy living on my mantel for now, this is her temporary home.  She is really destined to live on Long Beach Island, NJ.

Last year during Hurricane Sandy, my parents small beach placed took on so much damage that it had to be gutted.  And while they did get some insurance coverage, the rebuild has far exceeded what they received.  So, I am trying to help out by creating budget friendly items – and Glenda is the first one.

And, because as always, I am a sentimental girl, I used the wood from my Grandfather’s house to build her.

Two destroyed homes coming together to make a happy whale.  I know a stretch.  But like I said, I am a sentimental girl.

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