Crafting with Kids – Silk Screen Craft Aprons

Crafting with Kids – Silk Screen Craft Aprons

We are about half way through the summer.  Camps are close to wrapped up, friends are on vacations, and my kids are starting to get bored!


So, yesterday, we entertained ourselves with some crafts and made some silk screen craft aprons – so we can look cute when we do all of our future crafts!

I already had the paint and I had picked up the silk screen pattern from Martha Stewart Crafts at Michael's a few weeks ago.  I fell in love with the lace doily pattern and knew we could come with a project to do with it.  I had purchased the aprons forever ago for another project that never happened (how many of those do we all have?).  They are canvas and can easily be found at craft stores.

At the time I purchased the silk screen, they were out of the spatula tool meant to go with it.  But no worries, after some trial and error, we found that we had some old small kitchen spatulas that worked just fine.

To use the silk screen, spread the paint to cover the entire silk screen.  It has a sticky back, but still make sure to have it steady and not to pull too hard so that it causes wrinkles.

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