Toolbox Towel Bar

Toolbox Towel Bar, A Bathroom Update & a Video

It has long been established that I have a bit of an obsession with vintage toolboxes. I remember the day I found this one so clearly. It was about 13...
Repurposed Galvanized

Repurposed Galvanized Side Table

I have been wanting to replace the side table in our family room for a while now. It was slowly starting to warp and the planks were separating, so it...
DIY Coffee

DIY Coffee Table out of a Chicken Crate / Coop

Have you ever had something in your “storage space” forever, knowing, someday, you would know exactly what to do with it? That is the case with our DIY coffee table...
side table

10 Minute Quick & Easy Decorating – Side Table Makeover

Hello friends! Today I am going to share one of my favorites, a 10 minute, quick easy decorating idea. This time, I did a quick makeover to my living room...
Junkers United

Junkers United – Repurposed Milk Crate Stool

If this is your first time visiting from the Junkers United group – welcome!  I am so excited to be joining with such a great group of ladies.  If you would like to see my past projects that involve "junk", you can visit my upcylced projects or my reclaimed rustic wood DIY projects

And if you are wondering what Junkers United is – it is a group of bloggers sharing what they made with something others might consider “junk”.  Today I am sharing a simple and fun project – that conquers one more thing in my garage hoard collections - repurposed milk crate stool.

I found this table in our kitchen, with the stool, at an estate sale a few years ago.  I had been considering buying it, with two stools from Pottery Barn, but the price kept me from pulling the trigger.  I was ecstatic when I found it and brought it home.

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DIY Console Table

Quick and Easy DIY Console Table

Yesterday, I went shopping for a table.  I am not sure what I was thinking.  What was the likelihood of me finding a table about 34'” tall, 22” wide and only about 8” deep?  Oh, and in a rustic wood finish too.

So, instead, I decided (okay, hubby did most of this one) to build a DIY console table that was “just right”.

You see, I was working on another project, and I just felt like I needed a little something in this small space.  This is the cabinet that houses our refrigerator, but as you can see, the door to the deck is right there as well.  And my sweet hubby offered to make me one.

And for that, I was very happy.

The good part about the door being right there is that it makes for the perfect amount of light for some plants – which I hopefully do not kill.

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Decorating Ideas

Decorating Ideas: Vintage Door Plate Wall


Decorating Ideas: Vintage Door Plate Wall

After all the Christmas decorations came down, I have left most of the home un-decorated and simple.

But, slowly, I have been pulling together a corner at a time – and this week, I worked on a corner in our dining room by creating a vintage door plate wall.

Decorating Ideas: Vintage Door Plate Wall

I used French cleats to hang the door and an assortment of methods for hanging the plates.  But honestly, the hardest part was picking the plates.  I originally thought I was going to do a more formal display with transferware.  As I started to pull it together, I found myself gravitating towards the more quirky options.

Hence, the odd little fish glue to the white plate…

Decorating Ideas: Vintage Door Plate Wall

It reminds me of a good friend, and makes me giggle – and isn’t that what we should do in our homes?

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Ikea Hack Craft Table

Ikea Hack Craft Table (& Craft Paint Storage!)

Ikea Hack Craft Table

When we started out reworking our office space to also be a crafting space, I knew I wanted a craft table to work at.

I already had an Ikea tabletop that I had been using as my desk, so I decided it was the perfect project for an Ikea hack craft table.

Ikea Hack Craft Table

We have a limited floor plan for the amount of things I wanted to use this space for, but I had planned it out so that this table would fit in this corner by the railing.  This area is open to the family room and kitchen below.

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Craft Room Storage Cabinet (Knocktoberfest!)

Craft Room Storage Cabinet (Knocktoberfest!)

Hello sweet friends!

If you are visiting from Brooke of All Things Thrifty and her amazing knockoff, welcome!

When Lindsay of Makely School for Girls invited me to be part of Knocktoberfest – I knew, somehow, some way, I was going to figure out a way to store my ribbon hoard and create a craft room storage cabinet.

It is true.

I am a ribbon hoarder!

And I have so many great ribbons thrown in random places and I can never find them when I need them.  I have had this cabinet in the basement sort of storing ribbon for a while now.

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Easy DIY Built In Desk Tutorial

Easy DIY Built In Desk Tutorial

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot, however all opinions are my own.

Easy DIY Built In Desk Tutorial

Cue the horns and strike up the band.

Our built in desk is finally done!

And although it looks complicated, this project is really made up of building a few basic boxes and stock cabinets all being joined together with plywood tops.

We made it fit to our wall space, but the same concept could be recreated to any size space.

And as with any project, with the right tools for the job - anything can happen!

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Upcycled Vintage Door Beverage Bar Station

Upcycled Vintage Door Beverage Bar Station



Today, I am sharing an upcycled vintage door beverage bar.

So the summer weather is winding down in our area here.  The windows are open and the air is letting us know it is coming to an end.

But that doesn't mean I am ready to go inside yet.  I am hoping to still use our porch into the fall, just start to wrap ourselves in quilts and blankets.  For the past two years since we have had our porch, we were hit with a hurricane at the end of the summer season.  We had to quickly "batten down the hatches" and get ready for the storm.  We closed up early and didn't open again till spring.

This year, I am really hoping to be able to use the space well into the fall, have friends over, share meals.  And what better way to to do that then with a fun beverage station.

Technically, this could also be considered a potting station, but I am just being honest here, for us, it is a beverage bar.  It is perfect for our screened porch.  Every time we had people over, I was bringing a folding card table out here for drinks.  Not only did it not look cute, but it was always an awkward height to serve from.

Now, we have the perfect space to serve drinks for the whole crowd.

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Spray Paint Furniture to Add Color

Spray Paint Furniture to Add Color

I know everyone says the same thing every year.  But this year, for me, it is more true than it has ever been.

Maybe it is because we have had so many changes this summer.

Maybe it is because softball kept us so busy for the first few months.

Maybe it is because of all of the rain we have had.

But this summer has flown by way too fast.

I have worn a bathing suit once.  We have a beautiful pool and I have been in it once.

We have spent so little time on our comfy porch.

I guess this is just one of those years, work to be done, projects to be completed, places to go.

And that is okay, each year is different and a blessing.

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