VintagePorchDecorating_thumb.jpg Have you ever had something in your “storage space” forever, knowing, someday, you would know exactly what to do with it? That is the case with our DIY coffee table out of a chicken crate / coop. I bought the crate few years ago at a yard sale. Actually, I didn’t buy it and then I obsessively went back hours later hoping it was still there! Now that I think about it, there seems to be a pattern of that behavior. Hmmm… The coffee table we had on our screen porch before was just not the right scale. So, with a quick clean up, a little bit of wax on the ends and a few simple steps, it is perfect out here now. DIYOutdoorCoffeeTable_thumb.jpg We simply added a piece of scrap wood (something we seem to have an endless supply of) and then attached casters. Note, I went for the prettiest casters, not for ones that locked. I wish I had picked out locking ones or held out for pretty ones that lock. When I put my feet up, it rolls away.

We bought a piece of stock plexi glass at Home Depot along with special cutters. We simply used the cutter with a large ruler and put it in place. It is a little flimsy, but there is enough support in the crate that it works and we don’t have to worry about it breaking. It also cleans up super easy with just spray cleaner. DIY Chicken Coop Coffee Table I layered in some rope and shells, a small star shaped basket and called it a day. Outdoor Decorating And now, there is one less thing in our garage storage. And speaking of our garage…we are in the middle of an EPIC purge of our garage and basement. I think we are just in a different stage of our life and there is just too much stuff. We are making room for a workshop in the garage and we are super excited about it. A BIG yard sale is coming!

You can see our whole porch and outdoor areas by clicking here.

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