2013-DIY-Projects-ReviewTop DIY Projects of 2013 - It was a Good Year

Happy 2014 my friends – it feels good to be back.

I feel renewed and ready to face a new year.

How about you?

I thought I would start off 2014 with a look back on last year and our top DIY projects of 2013.

It was a such a great year and one of the things I love the most is what I have learned and the relationships and friendships I have formed. I was lucky enough to work with some amazing brands and companies and I am blessed to call many fellow bloggers friends.

I have always said that as a blogger Sudoku is not necessary – you know to keep challenging your mind. Blogging takes care of that all by itself.

I thought I would share a mixture today of some of your favorite posts – and one or two of mine.

This post cracks me up. It is by far the most popular post I have ever written – by a lot. I wrote it about 2 months into blogging and it is terribly written, the photos are small and bad – but I guess the idea works. It is a lesson to me – yes, pretty pictures matter, well written posts matter – but in the end, readers just want good ideas.

Born of a real need not to use all of my friend’s vintage ornaments, I came up with a way to make new ornaments look vintage.

Top DIY Projects of 2013 - It was a Good Year

Just like me, you all love a good home tour. I was so excited to host my first home tour this year and had the opportunity to pair with some incredible bloggers who also shared their homes as part of the Finding Fall Home Tour.

And then I met some new readers through this year’s Holiday Housewalk with Jennifer Rizzo. I shared our home all decked out for Christmas.

This year I did a few projects with Mod Podge – and y’all seemed to really like both of them. The first one was rustic art on an old piece of wood.

And then I created a faux painted canvas look

And now that you found new art ideas, you wanted to know you to hang them. I shared 10 tips on hanging almost anything.

And then we all got a little crafty and made homemade goat’s milk soap. I created a wreath from wood slices for the fall and for Christmas.

Oh, and the Christmas one may have been shipped to a magazine for next year!

In perfecting timing for getting organized for the new year, I shared tips on organizing craft supplies. I need to do a little work on the pile of post-Christmas-crafting pile in front of the cabinet right now – so I will be using these tips myself today!

And also as part of our office / craft room makeover, and my favorite project of the year, we shared our built-in desk. It was also an amazing opportunity to work with The Home Depot.

You can see all of our home office / craft room projects here.

And your last favorite project of the year was vintage mason jar solar lights.

Now, for my favorite.

For what made 2013 so amazing.

Our new journey.

And it is changing.

We are jumping.

We are living.

And it feels great.

Stay tuned….

Thank you for all your support, kindness, comments, encouragement and friendship you offered me in 2013.

Let’s do this 2014!


January 02, 2014 — Anil Sharma