Christmas Wreath - Vintage Ornaments

Vintage Ornament Wreath Tips

Our Christmas decorating is a little more on the neutral side this year, but as you move into our kitchen, things get a little more colorful and fun – and it starts with our vintage ornament wreath.

I made it several years ago, taught to me by my dear friend Kathy – who also helped me make the wreath with all of her collected ornaments.

It is built on a grapevine wreath and layers and layers of ornaments are attached with LOTS of hot glue.

Vintage Ornament Christmas Wreath

This year it is layered on our Dick Labonte print “Cocktails at the White House” given to me by my dear friend Julie. It is just what it says, a cocktail party on the White House lawn attended by all of our U.S. Presidents and the first ladies. It love it – the history, the fun and the colorfulness.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

I truly love my wreath, but here is the part of the story where I am totally honest with you.

They are difficult – they can not be hung anywhere near a heat source, they have be stored flat and not anywhere that gets warm. If they get warm, they fall apart.

Mine had fallen apart every year – it is always the last thing I put up because it has to be partially re-built and re-glued.

Vintage Ornament Wreath in the Kitchen

And at first I grumble a bit, but then when it is up, I enjoy it so much.

Its colorful and their is history behind each of the ornaments, and once again it is sentimental – that is a win, win win in my book!

If you would like to make a wreath like this yourself and don’t have enough or any vintage ornaments. No worry, I have a little tip for you to make it happen.

Thanks so much for reading!

P.S. Photo Credit: Erin Witkowski | Eve’s Wish Photography

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