The other day I shared on my post over at the FOLK blog that I am quite the sentimental girl.

As I have looked around my home this Christmas, I have realized even more how much of my decorating is sentimental.

My toolbox tree, my vintage ornament wreath – all come from sentimental memories.

Did I ever mention that my father-in-law built our kitchen table – and that is made from wood cut down from the family farm?


I know, sounds unbelievable – but is is true.

I was looking in the corner of our kitchen today, and I re-noticed this shelf that is there everyday, but it tends to be overlooked.

This was in my husband’s room when he was growing up, and his Dad made this as well.


Now it is filled with my collection of vintage syrup jars. Yup, that is sentimental too.

My husband grew up on a farm in New England (notice the pie tins) and they made their own syrup and now we make our own here in our neighborhood.


So now with just a few touches of Christmas, I am noticing it more.


With Christmas so close, and all we have faced this week, I think I am more aware of the sentimental things.

And appreciative of the simple things.

My style may not be for everyone, but that is okay, this sentimental girl is quite happy here.

Thanks for reading.

December 20, 2012 — Laura Putnam