Making Christmas

Truth – she gave me a run for my money this weekend.


But in light of the perspective we have all been provided lately by the tragedy in Connecticut, I am thankful for the challenge.


Through the frustration, through feeling overwhelmed, through being unsure of what was really the best way to handle the situation – I was thankful.


Because today I got to help her (although only a little, she did it mostly herself) make her first cake from scratch.


And it was a Yule Log.


And that in itself is an incredible blessing.


And then we had an impromptu opportunity to fill our home with people we love, and from ages 10 to 18 – they built Snoopy gingerbread houses.

Seeing all of their hands work together, I was thankful there was not one for each of them.


We may not win any awards for our projects, but that is okay.


Because some of us chose to just eat the treats anyway.


And so as we reflect on everything that has happened with such great sorrow – it seems the little things of decorating and gingerbread shouldn’t matter.

But in fact, I think the may matter even more now.


Each moment we try to make our homes special for our families, is a gift.

Each moment we take to slow down and be together, is a gift.

Each moment we get to parent our children, even when it is hard, is a gift.


And I am so incredibly thankful

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And I am so honored to share that my Toolbox Christmas Tree is being shared today over at FOLK - please stop by.

Many blessings to each of you and your families.

Thank you so much for reading.

December 17, 2012 — Laura Putnam