img_8008 So many moons ago we started looking for land to maybe move our business to. We wanted it to be close to home. We of course, wanted it to have maple trees. Most of all, we wanted it to be special. I shared with you back in March that we finally found the perfect place to grow our dreams and bought a parcel of land very close to our home. Since then, I have only shared one update that basically said I will let you know more soon. So here is the part where I share a little bit more. First of all, we have had a lot of stops and starts. I lost track of how many times we have moved the site of our sugar house / barn. We had the site that made the most sense but we ran into some challenges. I wish I could go into more, but I just can't. Our property sits on a corner so we moved our entrance from the original road to a new one. On the new side, we ran into issues with line of site because of an up hill section. And then there were issues with getting a successful perk in the right location. 55 acres and we were running out of a place to put the building. I think when we were all said and done, we moved the location of the building 6 times. But now, it looks like this and we are hoping to start the building process very very soon. We are doing a pole barn which means the concrete is poured at about the third step so we are hoping to get to that point before the weather gets too cold. img_8180 As we move forward, I will keep sharing updates here! And now moving onto my Atlanta plans. Actually, I will be in Stone Mountain, GA and I am so excited that my older daughter will be coming with me! We ended up having a conflict Thursday night so we will be scooting in as quick as we can Friday morning. img_7936 We will once again be in the Earth Angels Studios tent. You can find me there and doing a few demos and tasting in the Earth Angels demo tent. Here is the schedule for all of the artists for this weekend. screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-9-22-55-pm And then you can also find me on the main stage at 12:00 of Friday for a metal demo and then I will be in the Country Living General Store from 1:00 to 2:00 to sign my book! You can also join me on the kitchen stage on Saturday at 1:00 where I will be sharing recipes and information about making maple and cooking with maple syrup. Please stop by, I would love to see you! Thanks so much for reading and stopping by! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1