finding-home-farms-christmas-holiday-gift-ideas_edited-1 It's official. The Hallmark movies are on. The music is playing. We are ready to embrace the holiday season around here. We have worked really hard to bring you a holiday collection that we hope you are going to love and we have made sure that everything we are sharing with you has been sourced and made in the USA. There is a beautiful galvanized village with a church, barn, house, a large tree and a small tree. finding-home-farms-galvanized-village-made-in-america And many different galvanized ornaments. Don't tell the others, but the vintage truck is one of my favorites. fhf-truck-ornament No wait, I really love the mistletoe ornament as well! I can't wait to hang it in our doorway, but it works beautifully as a tag on a gift as well. galvanized-mistletoe-ornament-tag Of course, our most popular fragrance Sage Evergreen is back. fhf-sage-evergree-soy-candle And our classic Lavender Evergreen. fhf-lavender-evergreen-soy-candle And our classic holiday scent, Joyeux Noel. fhf-joyeux-noel-soy-candle A favorite new addition - our farmhouse tea lights! This gift set has five individual candles in the Joyeux Noel scent. joyeux-noel-candle-gift-set Could they be sweeter? joyeux-noel-tea-light-soy-candle-place-setting And speaking of new, we have introduced a new holiday scent! Mistletoe is a blend of cedar wood, balsam fir and pinecones. mistletoe-soy-christmas-candle And mint evergreen! 1-mint-evergreen-candle Our other holiday gift set combines our three evergreens - sage evergreen, lavender evergreen and mint evergreen. 1-evergeen-collection-soy-candle-holiday-gift-set Do not fret. We have some fun things for our maple syrup products as well. Our adorable and delicious 6 piece maple candy is perfect for gift giving or stocking stuffers. 1-three-pack-maple-candy-set Of course, our favorite 12 oz. organic maple syrup paired with our pancake mix is perfect for a hostess gift or for meals when friends and family visit. maple-syrup-pancake-mix-holiday We also have our 16 oz. farmhouse organic maple syrup in special holiday packaging. And, for each bottle sold, we will donate $5.00 to our local food bank, The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley. holiday-farmhouse-bottle And perfect for gift giving, our 4 oz. mason jar organic maple syrup. hudson-valley-organic-maple-syrup I hope you love our holiday collection as much as we do! As sappy as it may sound, we truly hope that our collection helps you on your path to finding home.

You can find our whole collection here.


Thank you so much for Annie Anderson of Zevy Joy for most of the beautiful photos.