I had been following amazing photographers on blogs, Pinterest and Facebook for some time, but finding one in my area never even seemed like a possibility.

But that all changed the day I found Erin from

zupdated Just over a year ago, a local business showed some beautiful product shots on her Facebook page and I fell in love with the photographer. I began following the photographer on Facebook and was blown away every time she shared images from her latest family, wedding or infant photo session. Last fall, I contacted her about photographing our family and after me finally getting my act together, we had a session the first weekend in December.

Photo shoot of photo shoot 006

I was so nervous it was going to be crazy cold and my kids would complain, my husband would be cranky, I would be worried about it all working. Don’t even ask me about trying to pick out clothes that coordinated but weren’t “matchy matchy”, but would work if the weather was really cold.

Well, not only did we have perfect weather with the most (to quote Erin) “yummy light”, Erin made it fun and enjoyable for all. We spoke on the phone, she read my blog and she even came by to shop my house and garage full of stuff. The bench in front of the grain cars is from our bedroom and the chair in the field, which is now hers, is from stock of “sale stuff”. She took us to FOUR locations and as we drove in between my husband laughed how we spoke the same language, because I too would call light “yummy”, something that would never be in his vocabulary.

Photo shoot of photo shoot 060

I feel so incredibly blessed to have found Erin, her heart and her creativity are amazing. She is a true artist and captured this time in my family beautifully and I will always treasure these photos.

She provided us a ton of images and I had a hard time choosing. There are even more amazing ones, but at a certain point I had to say “Uncle”!

Warning: There are a lot of photos! Sorry, I just had to include them – and this is me being disciplined!

family field walking color












She made this beautiful simple cardboard house – to capture the sense of “Finding Home”. How yummy is that light?!










All of my new photos on my blog, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages are all images by Erin.

If you are interested in contacting Erin, the best way to find her is through her Facebook Page.

Now I have the incredible task of figuring out how to use these photos in my home in a way that is fitting to their quality.

Thanks so much for reading!

I have finally printed some of the photos! See the first ones here! and I hung some here.

February 20, 2012 — Laura Putnam