I hope this Friday is finding all of you well.

I am finding that I am suffering mildly from a post-vacation hang over. I have admittedly been a bit lonely this week. After spending 10 days together as a family, my hubby left for the whole week and my kids went back to school. I am very much looking forward to me kids being home with me for the long weekend and my hubby to get home today.

I am excited for the next few weeks because the next 5 to 6 weeks is one of the favorite times for our family…

Disney Part 2 168

Sap’s a runnin’! More to come….

( I must admit this picture is killing me- when did my girls grow up so much?)

So, I am getting right into the sharing today…

This first thing I am SOOOOOOO in love with. I have mentioned before that I have a love for all kinds of handwork – embroidery, crewel, needlepoint, crochet – all of it. I am currently especially obsessed with embroidery. I am planning on some sort of project soon – we will see how it goes! So, when I found this being featured at Shannon Berrey Designs, I had to share it.

embroidered penguin

Please visit Shannon Berrey for more information.

Next, I want to share the beautiful kitchen remodel at Eclectically Vintage. Please visit Kelly for the full details.

eclectically vintage kitchen

And to continue my embroidery obsession, please visit Adventures of our Fami-ly, to learn how to embroider paper.

adventures of our family paper embroidery

Thanks so much for stopping by and I am wishing each of you a fantastic weekend!

And if you haven’t yet, please enter the Shabby Apple Jewelry Giveaway.

February 17, 2012 — Laura Putnam