Recently I was fortunate enough to have my home featured on a fantastic blog, Southern Hospitality.

In preparation, I went through my whole home and tweaked and finished a lot of the details that were unfinished in our home since we did our remodel – the little things.

Finding Home Master 8

You know how when the Fall starts and it is “Back to School” and that moves right into Halloween, then into Thanksgiving and then of course there is Christmas, Hanukah and New Year’s Eve. It can sometimes feel like a whirlwind.

We then got back from the holidays and I jumped right into working on finishing up the house, photographing it, editing, etc. All the while, I was prepping to take our kids on our “surprise” trip. This is not a “feel bad for me” list, more just a perspective. We are very blessed for all these things that keep us busy.

And I am sure, although each part is slightly different, we each have our own list of how quickly things have been going. Do you some times look back and say - “Where did January go?” or for that matter, “What happened to 2011?”?

master bed and bath, family room, kitchen 1 113

Since we have been back from our trip, I have been in a slow down mode. Mostly working at my computer, catching up on things.

master bed and bath, family room, kitchen 1 281

But what is feeling really good right now, is I am feeling very content in our home.

master bed and bath, family room, kitchen 1 452

This is quite unusual for me because I am always in a “well if I just did this one more thing…” it would be how I would want it. Do you ever feel that way?

master bed and bath, family room, kitchen 1 453

As I walk around our home this week, I feel satisfied and I am enjoying all the bits of us that are part of it. A meaningful card from a friend, pictures of loved ones with us and in heaven, vintage treasures and even my new washer and dryer. That is not to say that my house is perfect, or better than anyone else’s. It is just feeling like OUR home and I am enjoying it.

I am feeling very uncreative at the moment. Just feeling the desire to live in my home.

master bed and bath, family room, kitchen 1 657

Now, I know myself well enough to know that this won’t last, that something will spark a new idea and I will begin rolling again and pulling apart my house. Hopefully that spark starts with this office, because this room is not blissful by any means! I will start moving things around, shopping my basement and tweaking things – it is what I do, and I am okay with that.

master bed and bath, family room, kitchen 1 667

But for the moment I am going to enjoy not decorating for a holiday or a season, just living in our house as a home.

How about you?

February 21, 2012 — Laura Putnam