My fabulous friend and Betty, Kathy went to Brimfield a few weeks ago.

My husband and children are really supportive about me attending Brimfield each year, but I have never made the July show. If you are not familiar, Brimfield is a huge outdoor vintage and antique fair held 3 times a year in Brimfield, MA. It is one of the shows that on opening day of the each of the better fields people line up and then do the made rush and run. I have yet to see that. Kathy saw it once over vintage feed sacks.

Since I was unable to join her, I was very appreciative that she was willing to take some pictures of what she saw as some trends or just down right interesting, so I thought I would share with you.

These chairs are beautiful, the wood almost looks pickled and is so softly worn it would fit in about any decor style.

These bags and bins are absolutely fabulous. She said she wished she had considered them closer.

She said these racks were in a lot of different booths, some original and some reproductions. I am thinking they are factory shoe racks, but not sure. But I think they would be great in a mudroom, shoes on the bottom racks and then bins on the top shelves for hats and gloves.Beautiful rows of painted French Provincial inspired furniture and burlap covered chairs.

Oh, so pretty. The power of a beautiful soft blue.Galvanized table top, old fans, brown transferware and beachy vignettes. So love.And it is not all about pretty, Kathy was pretty freaked out by these. I find them funny, definitely unique.Kathy was inspired by these little lovelies. She has a dear friend who's son's wedding is coming up soon at the cape - great little decorations or favors.

I have making a bunch of fabric pins lately that I haven't shared yet, but these fabrics are great. I found some great vintage bright fabrics last week that might be perfect for a project like this.A lovely vignette again, and again, loving the brown transferware. I would love to start finding some pieces for a new collection. Yeah, like I need a new collection!And just to end on a weird note....Kathy said there were a lot of wax figures throughout the whole show.

No, got nothing, no ideas - well no wait, to scare the crap out of kids at Halloween? Or maybe you could make a runner out of his burlap dress?

You do have to appreciate that he is a true New Englander - Go Bruins!!

Oh, and you got the love the sneakers with the burlap dress.

Thanks for reading!

August 05, 2011 — Laura Putnam