My older daughter, known to you till this point as “M” asked me last night, “Mom do you still refer to us as M and E” on your blog.

Christmas 2010 120

I started into an explanation as to why I didn’t use their full names, but she stopped me and just said, “yeah Mom, I know, but can’t we come up with something better”.

I told her how her nickname is too close to her real name and then her other nicknames are kind of universal for both of them.

So after a few attempts like “Snickerdoodle”, she came up with her own nickname, “Blondie”.

My first reaction was that maybe that might be insulting because of all the blonde jokes out there, but then I realized, it really did fit her personality quite well.

I also came up with a new idea last night concerning Blondie and Peanut.

(By the way, Peanut has been called Peanut since she was a baby, mostly because, well, she is a Peanut. After spending a few days with her over the break, my sister-in-law decided to start calling her Ninja Princess. That fits her quite well also)

Anyway, back to my idea, several stylish bloggers out there do a “What I wore this week” posting. Fun, cute and inspiring to maybe get out of my gym clothes a little earlier in the day. My outfits, most days, would not inspire.

However, my girls inspire me each day when they come down the stairs dressed for the day.

When Blondie dresses herself she does not match and has on many colors, but somehow it always works, it is her.

Peanut focuses on comfort most days, ease of doing cartwheels usually inspires her outfits.

I wish I had photographed them yesterday because their outfits were the inspiration for this idea.

So, in the spirit of embracing the creative side of our children and in the spirit of teaching our daughters to be themselves, I would like to start posting, from time to time..

“What Blondie and Peanut Wore”

peanut and blondie and puzzle 001

Note the use of green, pink and purple. You can not see the turquoise earrings. It all works though doesn’t it? Peanut, going for the comfort factor, and she wore her glasses today, surprising!

Maybe you can share ways that you to tried to embrace and encourage your children’s creative side?

And as far as that update, you can all stop worrying. I know, you have been staying awake, wondering, did they do it? Well, yes, we finished it. Thanks goodness! My house is a pit and now I can focus on getting that taken care of!

peanut and blondie and puzzle 005

It was fun and the girls helped with the last section. Surprisingly, I think I will do another one. But next time, we will start on the FIRST day of a vacation, not the last!

Have a great one!

January 04, 2011 — Laura Putnam