I have never shared anything from a catalog before. I figure, we all get the same ones anyway. But, when I went through the new Pottery Barn catalog today, I began swooning and haven’t stopped. Have you seen this yet?

Galvanized casing

Milk Bottles

Galvanized covers on the milk bottles

I am in love

I have an obsession with canning jars. I have been trying to make a canning jar chandelier, in my head at least, for some time. I even came home tonight and took the glass off of my chandelier in the kitchen (and if I have to admit, in the basement as well) and replaced it with canning jars. Didn’t work out so well

Besides the fact that my house looks like a bomb blew up while I am putting away Christmas stuff. But instead, I am fiddling with canning jars and posting about milk bottle chandeliers.

Oh, yeah, and dinner isn’t ready yet. Yes, I am a bad Mother.

Anyway, back to that chandelier. I am going to have to figure out a way to recreate that. Honestly, if I thought it was big enough, I might just go ahead and order it, but it is too small for our table.

I do however, have an idea inspired by this chandelier. I know, you are sitting on the edge of your seat!

You will just have to wait.

I really do need to make dinner. Notice I said “make” not “cook”. I am really not that bad of a Mother, I just need to warm left overs.

Plus, there is NO way I could photograph anything in my house right now! Give me a day or two and lets see what I come up with!

January 03, 2011 — Laura Putnam