On Christmas morning, my husband asked me to close my eyes for my gift. He scrambled off to the garage and placed this handmade beauty in front of me.

Christmas 2010 243

My husband rarely gets time off. He spent hours of his time off leading up to Christmas making me this stunning side table (he also was working on some amazing projects with my daughters that I will share later this week).

Last fall, we spent our anniversary in Lake Placid and I fell in love with the whole Adirondack region, especially the incredible craftsmanship of their handmade items and furniture.

There was a magical, get away from it all, feeling in the whole area.

I decided I wanted to capture that in our guest room, both for our guests, and also, maybe, from time to time, we could “vacation” in our guest room as well.

So, this beautiful table is now in our guest room…

christmas presents 004

I am only showing a peak since I am still tweaking the details of this room. Please ignore the horrid shade on the cute lamp, one of the details to be fixed.

Here are few more shots to see the details. I absolutely love the saw marks.

christmas presents 008

We will probably have to sand it a little bit to allow things to lie flat, but still keep the character. We also are not exactly sure what will happen to the bark overtime. I am sure there is a method for sealing it to keep the bark from flaking off. I will let you know if I figure something out. Or feel free to pass on some knowledge if you know any tricks.

christmas presents 010

I will be sharing this project at some of the parties in my sidebar this week. I know, I didn’t make it, but my better half did. At least his name is on the business paperwork!

If you would like to see where it is now, visit here.

Have a great one!

January 04, 2011 — Laura Putnam