Auction Finds, Part Two

Before I share more of my auction finds…

I would like to thank Fingerprints on the Fridge for featuring my daughter’s Christmas gift project.


The CSI Project and Beth at The Stories of A to Z for selecting my Winter Mantel for their Top 10 Winter Projects.

Not only are these painted copper letters amazing, but they came with a photo and an explanation saying that came off a building in Brooklyn in 1971 and the person paid $10 for them.  They were ahead of their time.  In the picture, the “N’” and the “K” were still on the building.

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 016

Can you love letters?

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 017

I will not deny it,  I am not sure if I like this or if I think it is ugly, but either way, it is fun.

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 018

I don’t usually go for crocks, but these spoke to me.

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 019

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 024

These, I had to work for.  When I say work, I mean pay more than I was hoping.  In the end, still a good deal.

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 025

Several of them were actually copper.

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 037

Some great measuring sticks and tape measures, a few levels thrown in for good measure (ha, ha – that actually was not intentional).

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 054

Some incredible old hardware.  It will be a delicate balance to clean this up a little without taking away any of their character.

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 082

These mother-of-pearl and copper opera glasses are stunning despite the fact they are missing several of the mother-of-pearl panels.

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 084

The eye piece on one is missing, but the other clearly reads Paris. L.O.V.E.

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 087

Two more wooden – I can never remember, are these the mortar or the pestle?

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 090

Some fun vintage kitchen stuff.

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 093

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 094

And a random grouping of stuff that was in with the “BANK” letters.  Anyone have any idea with those tool type things are on the right?

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 098

auction photos, mirror jan 2011 102

I have a project in the works for the candlesticks, at least one of them and it does not involve candles.

There is still one more set of things that I still have not managed to get photographed, but other than that, that is all, until this week of course.

I have been thinking about putting together a basic guideline and direction posting on going to auctions, to help people who may be interested but intimidated by the unknown.

If you are interested, let me know.

If you are a seasoned auction attender, any advice and direction you would like to share to be included would be appreciated as well.

I am working on cleaning up my workshop area this week.  Once that is complete, I will have gathered up all of auction items for my giveaway, stay tuned…

Have a great one!


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17 thoughts on “Auction Finds, Part Two”


  1. Laura, The bank letters are amazing! If I had been there you would have had some competition bidding on those! Love them. You picked a great auction…everything is wonderful.

  2. Such treasures! I would love to have any number of things here! 🙂 I think the items you were wondering about may be tuning forks? That's just an uneducated guess on my part though! 🙂

  3. Great stuff! You are inspiring me to attend our local auction. LOVE the eye piece and crocks…and I like the BANK.

  4. I think that the tools that you asked about could be vintage curling irons – the long part was heated and used just like our curling irons today. I have a girlfriend who is a hairdresser and she collects items like that for her salon. You have some great items – I would have been bidding on them, too!

  5. Girl you brought home the BANK on this one! Hee hee! Sorry I couldn't resist! 🙂 I love those letters and all your treasure are beautiful! The mother of pearl opera glasses are gorgeous!! I think that would be a great idea to post some things about going to auctions, I know that I am clueless when I go! 🙂

  6. Love those bank letters…the color is incredible. I'm not sure, but maybe those tool thingies are ice tongs?

  7. How cool is all that stuff!!! I would love to learn more as well! How do you even find out about them? And do you have to be someone special to go to an auction? Have a license to buy or something? 😉 Im picturing hose tools in question as curling irons, that's what what I thought of first anyway!! Great finds.

  8. I think the bank letters are great – wonderful patina and the crocks – get outta here – they're gorgeous and USABLE!

  9. Joyce is correct. Those "tools" are old curling irons. The curling part was put in the coals of the fire to heat. Very great finds. Congratulations!
    Just found your website today and loving it.

  10. I’m wondering how often you have to fight for what you want or if you often find it easy to score the deals. After reading your post about auctions yesterday, I started looking into the ones around here. There is a store closing nearby that is having an auction in a couple of weeks. They have online bidding for this also, but are doing the actual auction at the site. Already people have begun bidding on what I would want. I think the prices will rise quickly because they are starting at $5 and $25. I’m wondering why people would begin bidding before the auction because it seems to tip their hand that they want something. Maybe that works to their advantage. It already makes me not want to bother trying because I figure someone else wants it and will cause the price to rise. I’m hoping the online bidding can’t win an item before the day of the actual auction either. I’m still a bit confused about how the online combined with “day of” bids work. Then, the auction house near me only puts out their pics for their Thursday auctions on Wednesday evenings, so you can’t view the upcoming auctions too far ahead of time. For some reason this store closing is different and pics are up and bidding has begun. Oh, boy… I can see myself quickly getting caught up in it, unless things end up pricey. I do have a $5 limit, so I would quickly be out of luck at this particular auction. I look forward to any and all tips and info you have to offer.

  11. You truly acquired some amazing things at the auction….I love auctions…but I have to really make sure I do not get caught up in the emotion of bidding too high….After a while, I truly learned how to “set my limit”….to avoid buyers remorse!
    Love those bank letters…great color too!