A bit of a bug has gotten me behind this week so I haven’t shared for a bit. I actually had no voice for a few days and now I am just a little squeaky. Since I do tend to be a bit of Chatty Kathy, I am sure some people may have enjoyed the silence.

I promised to share my auction finds, but really there are so many, I will do it in two postings.

I don’t know if it is just this year, or if it is always this way, but there are a ton of auctions this month. There is also very high attendance, so things got a little competitive at times. Starting with this find…

Winter Family Room 007

I really had no intention of not getting these but I really wasn’t sure how far I was willing to go. In the end, it didn’t go too far, and I came home with these, minus one skeleton key. There was a young boy who wanted them so bad because he was sure that it would open a treasure chest, so I gave him one.

Winter Family Room 009

This bin was full of all kinds of keys and I am looking forward to what projects I am going to do with them.

These were tough to photograph, but they are a portfolio of a furniture designer from the 30’s. It is a mixture of ornate drawings of specific styles and technical drawings of all different types of joints.

Winter Family Room 021

Winter Family Room 022

They had me at hello.

Winter Family Room 031

I also picked up two small tables, the first being a Hepplewhite style, a piano stool and some children’s books.

Winter Family Room 035

Winter Family Room 036

Two chairs. Unfortunately, I did not catch how broken one of them was. I will try to fix it, if not, I will use the parts for another project. The hazards of auction buying. I am a sucker for embroidery.

Winter Family Room 038

Tomorrow I will share some more of the items I also bought. There are two more auctions this week I am planning on attending as well.

Are some of you wondering if I am just a hoarder or do I have a plan for all of this stuff? Stay tuned…

January 17, 2011 — Laura Putnam