Vintage Finds

The last two weeks have been about tweaking my home.

The details, the personal items, the things I love.

I feel like I reached a certain point after our renovations and then I stopped.

Of course, the holidays were a time to decorate.

But, right now, I am trying to make our home personal and for the everyday, the days that really matter.

And nothing makes me happier then some vintage treasures.

So I went on a hunt and here is what I found.

A simple and gracious embroidered fabric in a frame…

Photo shoot - guest bath, guest bed, dining, living and hall 279

An amazing brass cricket…

Photo shoot - guest bath, guest bed, dining, living and hall 293

An old weathered sign – actually he said it was from an old buckboard…

Photo shoot - guest bath, guest bed, dining, living and hall 473

A great canister set (there are several other pieces as well!)…

Rest of kitchen 145

And a lovely lady.

Photo shoot - guest bath, guest bed, dining, living and hall 800

One of my favorite things about hitting the vintage shops is the people.  I love to hear their stories.  I love the happy ones, the artists, the cranky pants, the crazies.

I love blending the old and the new in my home.

How about you?

Thanks for stopping by.

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10 thoughts on “Vintage Finds”


  1. One of my favorite finds was an Irish Blessing embroidery that was $1 at an estate sale. The dear woman who took the time to embroider her name on the bottom, probably would have been upset that her children sold it for $1. I took it to a professional framer and I proudly display it in my den. I think she would be happy…

  2. Looks like you scored with your vintage finds. Yes – I love to mix new and old too in my home. Some of the pieces that I have are some of my best and I consider them as my conversation piece.

  3. I love treasure hunting. My wife and I loved going to estate sales. Many times the “best /favorites” are for sale and it is always interesting. Many times if you buy what speaks to you, the item becomes part of you. We look at things we bought 25 years ago and still love them.
    Love the cricket and understand a cricket at the hearth is good luck. I have a cast iron one on my fireplace hearth.

  4. Love the antique finds! This past Christmas we purchased all our gifts from local shops. One of the greatest finds was an antique camera, which ended up being a gift for my brother-in-law (who is a techie and photographer). It was definitely a pleasant surprise from the usual gift card.

  5. Can I go antique/vintage shopping with you?? Such great finds!!
    I bought my mother a Cladach (not sure if I am spelling it right) shaped frame once. She is mostly of Irish descent. I haven’t really done much shopping since then.