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"The barrel-aging adds a unique level of complexity to an already outstanding maple syrup."

The barrel-aging adds a unique level of complexity to an already outstanding maple syrup. Full-bodied, slightly aromatic; but nothing that's over-powering. Combined with your FHF Pancake/Waffle mix, and it takes the "basic" cakes and waffles game up several notches!

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"The best waffle/pancake mix I have ever tasted!"
— The best waffle/pancake mis I have ever tasted! I mean it! Top with their syrup... Amazing. Get for yourself or a gift for a friend. And always support a small business!
Customer reviews
'The scents are perfect - not too strong, not too weak."
— I love Finding Home Candles! The scents are just perfect - not too strong, not too weak. They are just right! I have tried quite a few of them now, and have never been disappointed.
Customer reviews
"Your maple syrup is the REAL DEAL!"
— It should come to no surprise, that many people have never tasted REAL all-natural maple syrup, as it was originally intended. The art of harvesting and processing will either make or break the finished product. Your maple syrup is the REAL DEAL; and it beats anything I've ever sourced directly from Family Farms in New England. Yes!

Visit Us in The Sugarhouse

Come see how it's all made! Enjoy a beautiful day in the country, learn how we make our delicious maple syrup, or attend one of our special events. A trip to the sugarhouse has to be on your list.


Maple syrup isn't just for pancakes and waffles. Learn how you can use our syrup's unique, buttery, not too sweet flavor to make cocktails, appetizers, main courses, and desserts.