My Family – A New Normal

Mother’s Day for me wasn’t your typical relax and put your feet up kind of day, but that was okay by me.

We met up with my family for lunch.

I mean, all of us.

You see, my parents are divorced and both are remarried.


I spent a good part of my growing up years with parents who couldn’t be in the same room.


Look at us now.

Mom and Richard (who by the way is doing fabulous!)


Dad and Sue.

IMG_9576 We have never all done Mother’s Day before, but I love this new normal.


It is not forced or done begrudgingly.

Everyone really does get along.


And for me to be able to give this type of family to my children is beyond words.


I hope this is all they ever know.

And although the day was about  Mothers, I could not help but think about this man.


I have always said the best decision I have ever or will ever make is to choose this man to be the father of my children.


All that he has taught me about fighting fair, not holding a grudge, treating people fairly – he has made me a better wife, mother and person.


And my Mom, of course I had to thank her for all that she has done for me and the Grandmother that she now is to my children.


I think a lot about doing right by my children, I take my job as a mother quite seriously and want so much to teach them well.


And then there are moments when I realize that they have so much to teach me.

IMG_9619I am 41 years old and don’t think I have ever sat on my Dad’s lap – I thought this picture was worth sharing.

I never would have seen this coming, but I am so thankful for our new normal.

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15 thoughts on “My Family – A New Normal”


  1. How lucky you are to have Happy family members! More for your children to love and more to love your children. Looks like a Happy family to me and lucky you to have a wonderful husband to share it with!

  2. Ahhh, yes. The “parents are divorced and remarried” story is pretty familiar here. But mine would never think to celebrate mother’s day together—Ill be surprised if they can get together for their child’s wedding!
    I commend your parents for their desire to make choices on behalf of the whole family!! How wonderful- they must be special peeps!
    xo Becca

  3. Oh Laura, that is so wonderful! God does work all things together for good. Looks like it was the perfect Mother’s Day, what a blessing. You have a beautiful family!

  4. New normal is good…embrace the life that is around you…your hubby has the perfect attitude…when embracing that attitude, everything else falls into place….

    So glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, finally sitting on your dad’s lap!

  5. Laura,
    Welcome back. You were missed 🙂

    Harmony at family gathering is a blessing. That is a gift from your parents and their spouses.

    It is also great to know you saw traits that “wear well” when you picked your husband. Having that and knowing that you have it is wonderful.


  6. Looks like you had a wonderful Mothers Day. You and your husband are a blessing to your kids… Wanting to “teach them well” is what it’s all about, isn’t it? 🙂

  7. Laura, what a beautiful day! I too came from a divorced family and totally understand the “not in the same room thing” although mine have been divorced for almost 50 years they still can’t bring themselves to let bygones be bygones. Fortunately, I learn from others mistakes (sometimes). I am divorced as well and have 2 boys from my former husband, we raised our boys so totally different. My ex moved a couple of blocks from me and was there to coach the boys in all of their sports, I watched his daughter while he and his wife worked and we even vacationed together. Thankfully my current husband was never threatened by any of this! My ex and current are actually good friends! When it comes to your kids we do what we need to do! And although my failed marriage is one of the lows of my life, I have always been proud of my successful divorce! At least that is how I look at it. On a side note, it is cool to see how you all resemble each other, I see your mom is your oldest and of course you and your youngest is surely your husbands child! Thanks for sharing this amazing day!

  8. loved, loved this post, brought tears to my eyes..You have a beautiful family….thanks for sharing your pictures and day with us..:)


  9. Great post Laura. I’m so happy that you had such a nice Mother’s Day. I feel the exact same way about my husband. You described him to a tee. One more thing us tall sisters have in common!

  10. You look like your mom!
    That really is a gift, to have your family be able to sit together at peace like that. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day (looks like you did!).

  11. Laura, The divorced parents getting along is good. I love the pics of unc! And what’s funny, is I saw in these pics how we totally have some of the same features. Sort of odd that I never noticed it before. Thanks for sharing. Gabrielle