I have been going to Brimfield, MA for their outdoor vintage and antique market for years.

For a while, it was just two of us.

Then, there were three and now the package is complete and it has been all four Betties.

My Betties and I have been together since 1989 when we are all housed in the same dorm at UNH.

iphonebrimfield2012 051

They have been one of my greatest blessings since.

iphonebrimfield2012 002

Day 1 was just two of us and I could not wait to get there.

One of my favorite parts is checking out what people already found and bought and are carrying around in their carts.

iphonebrimfield2012 004

There are so many different styles of booths/tents.

Some are very formal and organized. Some are not.

iphonebrimfield2012 007

Some make you want to come right in and stay a while.

iphonebrimfield2012 008

Don’t you love what that chalkboard says?

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

There were lots of treasures that almost went home with us…

iphonebrimfield2012 009

But in the end, new options were found or the decision to hold off was made.

iphonebrimfield2012 010

There is endless inspiration, ideas and visual stimulation.

iphonebrimfield2012 011

On the second day the traffic getting into Brimfield was legendary and was even on the news.

It took us as long from 30 minutes away as it had for me from NY the day before – 3 hours.

iphonebrimfield2012 020

It gave us plenty of time to reflect on the damage that was done by a tornado in this area last year.

My hubby was about 10 minutes behind this storm on the highway and was humbled when he came upon the damage. That gets you thinking.

iphonebrimfield2012 027

We moved from booth to booth, some at the same pace, others on their own – but always meeting up at the end of the aisle.

iphonebrimfield2012 033

We called each other back when we saw something we thought the other might like (thanks for finding the trays Jack!).

iphonebrimfield2012 034

It was all just easy, relaxed and comfortable.

iphonebrimfield2012 036

Oh, and how they made me laugh.

After all these years, our decades old jokes are still funny.

At least we think so.

iphonebrimfield2012 042

And we found plenty of new things to laugh about too.

iphonebrimfield2012 037

We found some creativity that was, well creative…

But I wouldn’t want it in my house, creepy!

iphonebrimfield2012 040

I feel like I would have to announce something really important to do this chalkboard justice.

iphonebrimfield2012 041

Oh how fun that cart would be on a porch.

iphonebrimfield2012 049

I did not expect to find much for my sales, but I actually did find some great treasures to be reworked and sold.

Boxes seemed to be the theme.

6 greenish, one large blue and four natural wood.

iphonebrimfield2012 064

I also brought home a wire basket, several trays and some transferware for myself.

iphonebrimfield2012 065

I will share photos of the other items when there is actually some sun around these parts.

It seems fitting that we all seek out items that have a story to tell and that have history.

I seek them out because we have stories to tell, we have history.

I love them fully for who they are and they do the same in return.

I feel renewed and thankful.

May 16, 2012 — Laura Putnam