For the Love of A Dog

Today is a day to talk about love.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family so much and we did a really great job of expressing our feelings to each other, without spending a lot of money, for Valentine’s Day.

But I thought I would change it up a little and talk about my love for my dog.

I truly love this dog.  But she looks guilty for a reason.

Sugaring tap day 2011 095

She has had a rough couple of weeks. 

First, the snow is so crazy thick out there she can’t run like she usually does. 

And, I was a bad dog Mom and got her late to the groomer.  As a result, she was all matted and how to be shaved down.  I think she gets embarrassed.

She gets really stirred up when this happens and the result is that she drives me crazy.

When I go to the sink, oh look, Bailey is there.

bailey neurotic 002

When I go up the stairs, guess who runs past me and then waits on the landing.  Are you coming Mom?

bailey neurotic 003

When I sit in the chair to work on my laptop, she decides the best spot is ON my foot.

Sugaring tap day 2011 100

When my husband and I sit down in front of the fire to get a little down time, she is there first checking it out for us.

Sugaring tap day 2011 096

And when we actually sit down, she is right there in between us.

Sugaring tap day 2011 101

When we went to church on Saturday night, we came home to this.

Sugaring tap day 2011 090 

This was her bed.  It is now in a trash bag.

Sugaring tap day 2011 092  

And now, she paces back and forth in our room all night, keeping me up, presumably looking for her bed.

Ah, all for the love of a dog.

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5 thoughts on “For the Love of A Dog”


  1. You gotta love them don't ya? Did you see the post the other day on a blog where a lady was trying to figure out how to repair her coffee table because her dog had chewed it up. Yes this weather makes them a little stir crazy! What kind of dog is she? A labradoodle? Very cute!

  2. What a cute dog. I think she needs a lot of exercise or other stimulation-that should take care of the chewing and pacing.

  3. She is really cute though! 🙂 I have one of those too, can't even go to the bathroom (sorry TMI) but there he is, always! Hopefully she calms down a bit and her haircut is really pretty, you can tell her I said so, maybe that will help! 😉

  4. Very sweet! Too funny what she did to her bed. I'm dog sitting another pooch right now, who's on a seek and destroy mission for the feathery cat toys around the house. Needless to say, there's feathers everywhere!

  5. What a sweet pup! Yes – I understand. We have a new member of ou family – a 5 month old golden retriever puppy. We have just discovered the joy of the "Frozen Kong". After coming home from a dinner party only to find a note from an upset neighbor about the BARKING DOG (2 hrs. – UGH) – someone suggested the frozen kong. Stuff with peanut butter (or cream cheese) and some kibble – throw in the freezer – she only gets it when we go out at night. Problem solved (so far!). She only gets it when we leave – and when we get home – I pick it up – put it in a baggie – and back in the freezer. -Wendy