So, I haven’t done any projects in a while and for the first time since I started joining, I haven’t joined, for not just one week, but TWO weeks. The truth is, I haven’t had anything to share lately.

But no worries, lots a ‘brewin!

First off, I am finally pretty much done with my new blog design. I just gave the final approvals to the designer for her to move forward and she thinks it will just be another couple of weeks. She is amazing and I have feeling you guys are going to want to check her out!

As exciting as all that is, the truth is, my focus has really been on my kiddos lately.

My sweet peanut has especially needed a lot of help and guidance lately.

Communion - 076

(her First Communion last year. It really works out when your girlfriend is a really great hair stylist on days like this!)

Truth is, it can sometimes be hard to be an 8 year old little girl and ALL that comes with that.

So, since family is my focus, I thought I would share some fun oldies of my kiddos.

So, please indulge me.

april 2006 119

You are also getting some glimpses of the “old” house.

august 2007 048

Oh, how I miss feety pajamas.

Dec. 2004 035

Aah, the old playroom. This was Blondie’s preview day at pre-school. I remember so clearly that peanut had a fever but was so excited for her sister to be going to school.

March 2005 001

Definitely a favorite. We tucked her and came back later to her whole dollhouse set up in her bed. A little decorator in the making!

March 2005 006

One of my favorite crafty projects. I put together / made the costumes for them and their dolls.

Oct 2007 086

Oh, how I am looking forward to getting back to the beach this year!

LBI 2010 120

small camera - lots 347

How do you not love faces like these?

Yeah, I know, we all think are kids are the cutest.

But, we are all right!

Thanks for indulging me and have a great night and weekend. Looking forward to all that the next few weeks have to offer!

Oh yeah, including a little thing called…


February 11, 2011 — Laura Putnam