Interesting title right? Don't worry, it all begins to make sense...

This past Saturday, we went on an adventure.

A very cold adventure, hiking through the woods, hunting for maple trees (what, you don’t do that?).

And it was about 10 degrees out.

And the first part of the trek, was a very steep, slippery incline.

And I was very aware that I was struggling up the hillside and that I was out of breath pretty quickly.

In fact, Peanut found me a walking stick to help me get up.


And it really bothered me.

I used to work out all the time. I had little problem staying motivated. If I got off track, I got back on.

I would almost say that I loved working out.

It was my therapy, my “me-time”. I liked feeling strong. I liked the sense of accomplishment.

Our local YMCA had childcare for children 4 months and up. I think I showed up almost to the day of when my youngest was 4 months old. I was really just looking for a way to get out of the house. And then I started to make friends there, I felt comfortable with the childcare. It was easy to make it a priority.

And then I found yoga and I really fell in love. I was never more in shape then when I was doing yoga – and I felt so strong. The flexibility part came easily to me, but the strength building was so hard and I loved the challenge of it. Read more - yoga with Kelly Todd.


I loved how there was measurable improvement, goals to be met – and then new ones to set.

And somewhere along the way, I lost it all.

I stopped going to the Y, I stopped doing yoga. I still work out somewhat regularly, but based on my inability to easily make it up that hill – it is obviously not enough.

And the fact is, I am now 42.

And my pants seem to keep shrinking in the dryer – especially after the holidays.

If I don’t get my act together now, it is only going to get harder.


I don’t want to miss out on adventures with these two because I “can’t” or I am too tired or I am too old.


I don’t want to look back from a bad health diagnosis and wonder if would have made a difference if I had been in better shape.


And then, I had an epiphany.

The reason I got off track with working out – is that I replaced it.

My new love – blogging – has taken its place.


Blogging is now my therapy.

Blogging is where I set goals and try to meet them.

My love for this, and my desire to create a successful business has become all encompassing.


I have been beating myself up because I have not been able to understand why I have been so off track – for about 2 years now. Now that I have a better understanding of why – somehow, it helps.

It also has made me realize that my interests have become somewhat flat. I am so focused on work and decorating, that it seems to be what I read or participate in even in my down time.

I need to give myself permission to be more.

I need to spread my wings a bit in other directions, round out my interests a bit more.

And that should make me even better at my job.

And by getting myself back in shape, I will be better at life.


I am not saying I have come up with the magic formula or that I even have a specific plan.

This is not a new year resolution.

What I do know is that I hated the way it felt for it to be so hard up that hill.

I know that tying together the goals of working out with work goals somehow works better in my head.

I may fail miserably and I know it is not going to be easy.

But I know if I don’t try it is just going to keep getting harder.

I know that I want to be there for this crew - all there, in mind, body and spirit.


How about you? Are you taking care of yourself?

I am not talking about a diet of killing yourself at the gym. I am talking about just living a healthy life.

Life is really short and I want you to live it to the full.

Wishing you a beautiful day and thanks for reading.

Oh, and Bailey Rose wishes you a great day too!



January 06, 2014 — Laura Putnam