Joyeux-Noel-Lit-Pretty The last week has been FILLED with technical challenges. As hard as they are when we go through them, I know there is so much learned and gained from them. This week, on the other side of our technical challenges, we finally launched our new shop and I could not be more excited! Our new shop is completely integrated into our existing site which will make us so much more effective at managing our shop. Even more exciting is that we are finally launching our soy candle line! Blackcurrant & Thyme Soy Candle, Citrus & Salt Soy Candle, Cabin Soy CandleBirch & Amber Soy CandleApple Soy Candle

maple-grove-styled-2 They are 100% soy wax and the wax, jar, label and wick are sourced in the good ol' USA. They are hand poured right here in the USA also. The scents are all on the lighter side, so as not too be too heavy and overwhelming but they still fill your home beautiful fragrance. I hate when I have to blow a candle out after a short while because it is too overpowering. These candles are generously sized as well. They are a full 24 oz. and have a burn time of 100 - 125 hours. The goal was to create a soy candle with a great value and size so that you wouldn't "save it" but you would actually enjoy it and burn it all the time. lavender-evergreen-lit-pretty There are six fragrances - Rosemary - Maple Grove - Lemon Verbena - Lavender Evergreen - Joyeux Noel - Sage Evergreen. Finding-Home-Farms-Candle-Line Lemon Verbena and Rosemary are just as they sound and are light and fresh and some of my all time favorite scents. Every lotion and soap I have in the house is either lemon verbena or rosemary, and now I have an amazing smelling candle as well. We of course had to do a maple candle, but I didn't want anything too overpowering or too sweet. For Maple Grove we blended a little bit of the sweetness of maple syrup with the savory smell of wood. For the holidays, we had to bring in one traditional fragrance and Joyeux Noel fits that bill. It is a fresh blend of cinnamon, evergreen and cranberry and I absolutely love it. Our final two fragrances are amazing - Sage Evergreen and Lavender Evergreen. They are both perfect for the holidays, but with a unique blended scent. However, they are soooo good, they will carry right through the winter and maybe even beyond. Rosemary-Lit-Pretty I have been wanting to launch a candle line for years and I am so excited that the day has finally come. The hope is that you all love them so much that we will continue to add new fragrances and of course keep bringing back the ones you love the best. lemon-Verbena-Lit We already have several retailers locally and Painted Fox carrying them as well and we are really hoping to expand where we sell them. So, if you are retailer and are friends with one - drop us a note at laura@findinghomefarms and we will get you set up with a retailer sample kit. Thank you so much for the opportunity of this blog - without all that we have done here, launching a product line like this wouldn't even be possible. Of course, the shop is not just about candles because our products are now all in the shop. We will likely have a few hiccups with the transfer so please just let me know if you are having any issues at . Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and click the box for shop information. We will be offering some specials through the holidays and I don't want you to miss out! Thank you so much! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1