So project number 2 is inspired by the Ballard Tree Card Holder. It measures at 26" x 16" and sells for $79. I purchased a piece of aluminum sheeting in the cloverleaf pattern from Lowe's. It was a 36" x 36" sheet and cost $26.77, however I used less than half of it. I simply cut out a cone shape with metal snips. I then used what is called metal repair tape (found by the duct work in Lowes) to seal the bottom sharp edges from and to seal it together in the back.
I am sorry that I do not have better "in process" pictures, they just were not usable. If you want more specific information on making this project just let me know and I will get back to you.
Here it is with some cards and pictures posted on it.
The best part is that the pattern is a Quatrefoil!
Here it is on its own, which I almost like better.
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October 07, 2010 — Laura Putnam