So, yesterday, about a half an hour after I finished submitting my post to the Ballard Inspired project at the CSI Project, the door bell rang and it was a big giant box from Ballard! What is in the box? It is the final major piece to finishing up my family room. Hopefully in the next two weeks, I will finish all the last tweaks and then can show you the before and afters. Until then, what do you think is in the box?
A Big Giant Box, a Skunk and the Mother LoadNext, I would like you to meet an important member of our family, Bailey Rose. My youngest daughter was very worried that she would be sad if she didn't have a middle name like the rest of us, so we added Rose at the last minute to the already decided Bailey. Just like our children, when she is in trouble, she is no longer Bailey, she becomes BAILEY ROSE!
A Big Giant Box, a Skunk and the Mother Load Well, for the second time since August, my lovely BAILEY ROSE, made friends with a skunk! I never had a dog growing up, so I am still learning my way in the dog world. I thought I would share something with you.
If you don't own a dog, or your dog doesn't like to play with skunks, go ahead, skip down to the next section, I won't mind.
If you own a dog who ventures outdoors always keep baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in your house. Why? Because that is the cocktail that does a pretty good job getting rid of the smell.
Last time she got in the house which was a whole other disaster. This time, my husband kept her still and not rubbing herself all over. I ran inside, mixed a whole bottle of peroxide with two big scoops of baking soda, couple of squirts of dish soap and a little warm water, but not too much to dilute it. I put on rubber gloves, got an old towel and covered her and her collar in this concoction, rinsed her off with warm water. Toweled her off and let her sleep in the garage. I know, so sad, but we left her with lots of blankets and towels to snuggle up in. By morning she was fine and just needs a good brushing. There are more specific recipes for the concoction online, but in the moment, I did what worked, and it did.
One more thing, my dog is already a blond. I have heard that dark color dogs, if left on to long, can be discolored from the peroxide, but I do not know for sure if that is true.
Okay, now for the Mother Load part, I hope you are all back with me.
This picture is all of sheet music! I had seen the request from Miss Mustard Seed for some sheet music. I had put my feelers out to a couple of places, but came up empty. I went to an estate sale this morning and pretty much cleared them out for a really great price. They knew there weren't going to be too many people who were going to come along and buy this much of it.
A Big Giant Box, a Skunk and the Mother LoadSorry it is not a pretty picture, but I actually loaded it right back in my car. My Dad is a musician and when I told him about it, he wanted to take a look at it when I see him tomorrow. Once I bring it in I will show some more detailed pictures. The most interesting was some great children's books with amazing cover artwork. I can't wait to figure out what exactly I am going to do with all this, but I am sure I will figure it out. Of course, I will be sending a delivery to Miss Mustard Seed as well. This is just a picture of a couple of the other fun finds from the estate sale, taken outside since it is such a beautiful day.
A Big Giant Box, a Skunk and the Mother Load Off to clean my house and prepare some lasagna for a weekend gathering!
October 08, 2010 — Laura Putnam